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CYGNUS MILL Generator - 1KW Wind Turbine

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CYGNUS Mill Generator is a multi-purpose independent wind power generator composed of the wind power generator, CYGNUS Mill ,a battery and a charger / discharger controller housed in a box.
Wind Power Generator
The built-in battery stores generated power to supply power during the programmed time period.
Damp Resistor for Electric Brake
The control circuit of the damp resistor automatically controls the rotation to prevent excessive rotation.This component allows Cygnus Mill Generator to continue to generate power without suspending the operation untill the wind speed reaches the maximum tolerated wind speed or pre-set maximum wind speed.

Mechanical Brake(Disk brake type)
When the wind speed reaches the maximum tolerated speed or pre-set maximum speed the mechanical brake is automatically activated to stop the rotation of the wind mill. When the average wind speed drops below those maximum speeds, the brake is rereased and the operation returns to the normal. The mechanical brake can be operated manually as well for narmal maintenance or emergency.
Optional CA inverter. Output Indicator System. LAN System
Those optional components can be installed to monitor and measure the operation. The collected data can be stored / processed by computer to be displayed on the displayed on the display system. The wind direction and wind velocity can be shown on the same display.
1. Wind Power Generator
CYGNUS MILL 1kW Wind Generator
Rated Power
Rated output(generator)
Start-up Wind Speed
2.2mph (1.0m/sec)
Cut-in Wind Speed
6.2mph (2.8m/sec)
Survival Wind Speed
133.8mph (60m/sec)
Number of blades
anti-corrosion aluminum alloy
2. Generator Controler-1
3. Damp resister for electric brake
4. Battery-1
seal lead battery for small cycle
5. Post-1
structural steel pipe(with anti-corrosion treatment)
6. Independent type generation controk box-1
Anti-corrosion treatment
Anti-corrosion paint
7. Programmable timer (option)-1
8. Generation measurement system (option)
(1) AC inverter-1
(2) Output display systemp-1
(3) Monitor system(LAN used)-1
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